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Did you know?

There are Disability Tax Credit benefits for Canadians with diabetes?  Some Canadians who use insulin to manage their diabetes may be eligible for a federal tax.  Since May 2004, Canadians using an insulin pump have been eligible for a tax credit. Announced as part of the recent federal budget, the criteria for the Disability Tax Credit will be expanded for 2005 to include Canadians with diabetes who inject their insulin, in addition to those who use an insulin pump.

Parents of children who are eligible for the disability tax credit may also claim the disability tax credit supple- ment for children, which provides additional tax relief.  They may also receive assistance from the Child Disability Benefit, which is paid as a supplement of the Canada Child Tax Benefit to low- and modest-income families caring for a child with a disability.

More information about federal disability related tax measures are available at

Disability Tax

Federal Disability Tax

Source: CNW Group; 02/18/2007


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Financial & Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Canada - Government Insurance and Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Canadian Government Aid Programs

MedicAlert - Canadian MedicAlert Foundation, a national registered charity, provides a lifetime of protection to members with medical needs and personal requests that should be known in the event of an emergency.

Alberta - Assistance is available to low-income families that are on income support as well as to senior citizens.  The Alberta Monitoring for Health Program may also provide assistance of up to $550 per year for those that require insulin, through their program.  Benefits may also be used towards covering the cost of infusion sets for those on an insulin pump.

British Columbia  - Offers a PharmaCare program.  Coverage is based upon income and includes insulin and insulin pump supplies. This new PharmaCare program helps people with the cost of diabetes medications and supplies, and provides educational materials to promote a healthy, active lifestyle.

New Brunswick, Newfoundland, and Labrador - The assistance program is limited to those already receiving income support and to senior citizens.  Coverage is only for insulin listed on provincial formularies unless special authorization is given.

Nova Scotia - Registration Underway for Diabetes Assistance Program - Nova Scotians under the age of 65 with diabetes and no drug insurance are now able to register for the province's new diabetes assistance program, which began January 1, 2006.  The program covers test strips, lancets, syringes, and insulin listed on its formulary.

Ontario - There are two programs:  The Ontario Drug Benefits Program (ODB) and the Trillium Drug Plan (see more details, below).  Both plans offer insulin coverage for families meeting the provincial criteria (but only includes those listed in the plan).  Newly added to this list is the insulin Lantus.  Since 09/04 insulin pump supplies have been covered under the province's Long Term Disability Program. Also, see Ontario Health Insurance Plan.

Great news for Ontario residents desiring an insulin pump!  On January 1, 2006, the Ontario government released budget funds of $12 million to cover the cost of insulin pumps and pump supplies for 6,500 children in Ontario.  In 2008-09 funding will increase to $30 million.

Ontario government funding of insulin pumps to benefit children and families - Staff and physicians at Markham Stouffville Hospital’s paediatric diabetes clinic can now offer additional treatment options to more families as a result of the recent Ontario government decision to fund insulin pumps and related supplies for children with type 1 diabetes. As the only specialized program in York Region, the clinic will coordinate pump acquisition for eligible patients and provide mandatory training in addition to disease management education.

Monitoring for Health Program - Canadian Diabetes Association, Ontario (program is funded by the Ministry of Health).  (NOTE: Only for those that are insulin using or have gestational diabetes).  Phone:  1 (800) 361-0796.  This program housed out of the Canadian Diabetes Association, is a program for Ontario residents (with a valid health card), that are insulin using or have gestational diabetes. They must have no other coverage for the supplies covered by this program (for example seniors would only be covered for lancets and a meter once every 5 years due to the fact that their strips would be covered under the Ontario Drug Benefit Program - see following). When accessing the program people can receive a 75% reimbursement, up to a maximum of $600.00 for strips and lancets annually. The program will also cover 75% or $75.00 (whichever is less) for a blood glucose meter once every five years. For those who have diabetes (insulin-using) and are visually impaired, 75% or $300.00 (whichever is less) will be reimbursed for a Glucovox (a talking meter) once every five years. Call for more information or, see your participating pharmacy.

Syringes for Seniors Program ($125.00 grant), assistance with costs for various assistive devices - Assistive Devices Branch (Ministry of Health).  Phone:  1 (800) 268-6021 (416) 314-5518.  This Branch of the Ministry of Health runs a program called Syringes for Seniors. It assists those over 65 living in Ontario (with a health card) in purchasing needles for insulin injections, through a $125.00 grant. Those that qualify must complete an application form annually to receive the grant. The Branch will also assist those in need of assistive devices (such as wheelchairs, prosthesis, canes etc.) - no age requirement - by offering financial assistance.

Ontario Drug Benefits Plan (ODB) - see following for programs using ODB (Ministry of Health).  Anyone on social assistance or using the Trillium Drug Program uses the ODB plan. The ODB plan is medical plan that covers the majority of drugs and some medical supplies (such as strips). Needles are not covered under this plan. Seniors (age 65 & over) are also eligible to access the plan (depending on annual income a $100.00 deductible may required) and should speak to their local pharmacist.  If a particular drug is not covered by the ODB, individuals with their physician, can apply for special, time limited funding. This is called a SECTION 8 MECHANISM - individuals should speak to their physician about this process.

Trillium Drug Program - Assists people with high drug costs in relation to their income (Ministry of Health).  Phone:  1 (800) 268-1154 (416) 314-5518.  Trillium offers assistance to those that have a low income and no financial coverage for drug costs. To apply to this program the individual must complete an application form that will have detailed questions about their income. Based on that completed application a deductible is determined and the individual must meet it before the coverage begins. Once the deductible is met, the individual will only have to pay a basic, low cost, dispensing fee. Most diabetes medications and blood / urine testing supplies are covered through the program, however needles are not. This program uses the Ontario Drug Benefit Plan for its coverage. Claimants may use this plan for any prescription medications; it is not limited to those associated to diabetes. Claimants should note that items such as strips must be obtained through a prescription from a physician to receive coverage. Call for more information or, see your participating

Saskatchewan - Their plan covers insulin, syringes, and lancets.

Yukon (and other territories) - In the north, many receive 100% coverage under the Non-Insured Health Benefits Plan (NIHB),  for all insulins, pumps and insulin pump supplies.  For those that are not covered under the NIHB there are different plans for different territories.  


    "... In the Yukon, for example, all insulins except Levemir are covered.  They also cover pumps and pump supplies.  TO have your pump paid for, you must have an application filled that gives details of your case history stating your failure on MID (multiple daily injections), evidence of your commitment and competence to use the pumps, as well as support for initiation and follow-up therapy.  These requests must be signed by an endocrinologist.  There are no specialises in the North.  Patients seeking the support of doctors such as endocrinologist must go to major centres such as Vancouver, Edmonton, and Winnipeg to have their pumps prescribed."


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