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We have provided this information for general information purposes only.  It is not intended to be a recommendation or endorsement of any program or entity.

Canadian Government
Assistance and Insurance Programs

Did you know?

There are Disability Tax Credit benefits for Canadians with diabetes?  Some Canadians who use insulin to manage their diabetes may be eligible for a federal tax.  Since May 2004, Canadians using an insulin pump have been eligible for a tax credit. Announced as part of the recent federal budget, the criteria for the Disability Tax Credit will be expanded for 2005 to include Canadians with diabetes who inject their insulin, in addition to those who use an insulin pump.

Parents of children who are eligible for the disability tax credit may also claim the disability tax credit supple- ment for children, which provides additional tax relief.  They may also receive assistance from the Child Disability Benefit, which is paid as a supplement of the Canada Child Tax Benefit to low- and modest-income families caring for a child with a disability.

More information about federal disability related tax measures are available at

Disability Tax

Federal Disability Tax

Source: CNW Group; 02/18/2007

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Financial & Assistance Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Canada - Emergency and Assistance Resources and Programs for Persons with Diabetes

Hock's offers 30-50% discounted prices on diabetes supplies.  We cannot specifically recommend or endorse any company but we have been listing Hock's in our resource directory for over a year as one of the two cheapest online companies to purchase from.  We recently affiliated with Hock's because our own experience with them has been so positive.  If you do place an order through our site, they will contribute financially towards our cause and you will get reasonable prices for diabetes supplies.

S.U.G.A.R. (Support Unlimited Guaranteed for Appliances Required) - A nonprofit Canadian group that provides assistance for diabetic devices to Canadians.  They receive donated insulin pumps and loan them out to clients in need.  Their address is:  S.U.G.A.R., 495 Enfield Road, Burlington, ON, L7T 2X5. Phone: 905-632-0932, Fax:  905-632-0932.  E-mail:

The Daily Bread - Provides food and assistance with diabetes supplies.  Call the Information Line at 416-203-0050 ext. 261 if you need help on issues such as:

  • Clothing, Furniture, Glasses
  • Employment, Employment Insurance
  • Health, Coping
  • Housing, Eviction
  • Hydro
  • Immigration and Refugee Issues
  • Legal Issues
  • Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP)
  • Ontario Works (OW)
  • Rental Arrears

Also listed on The Daily Bread website:

  • Lenscrafters - This benefit is for any low income person WHO IS NOT RECEIVING OW or ODSP, to help people get free eye glasses.  They will need to get a prescription by getting their eyes tested by an optometrist (this cost is not covered by Lenscrafters).  They can apply by calling Daily Bread Food Bank at 416-203-0050 ext 261.  We can help them with making an appointment at a local Lenscrafters store as well as providing them with the necessary referral letter 
  • Hardship Fund - This is a fund set up through the City of Toronto for people who are facing financial difficulties and need funds for a medical situation. You are eligible to for this fund if you are not receiving OW/ODSP and require financial assistance for the following items is a medically based item (diabetic supplies, hearing aids, wheelchairs, etc.).  Also, vision care (up to $250 can be given), reimbursement of prescription drugs costs, dental services may be available.

Food Banks

  • Alberta Food Bank Network Association- Members share relevant information and resources, including corporate food gleaning and solicitation as well as expertise and client services. News, descriptions of their projects, and how to help.
  • Calgary Inter-Faith Food Bank Society- Hunger facts, how to help, calendar of events, and information about their programs.
  • Cambridge Self-Help Food Bank- Calendar of events, newsletters, program information, wish list, and how to help. Ontario
  • Canadian Association of Food Banks- Represents food banks in every province, provides member food banks with groceries for people in need day-to-day, and works toward a hunger-free Canada. Includes a list of directors, public education and research information, a list of member food banks, and activities.
  • Daily Bread Food Bank- Dedicated to eliminating hunger in and around Toronto. Donation and volunteering information, news, calendar of events, and educational resources.
  • Food Bank of Waterloo Region- Procures, warehouses, and distributes food to member social services. Information about services, donations, volunteering, food drives and events, history and annual reports with a virtual tour. Ontario.
  • Foodpath- Hunger facts, program information, and how to help. Mississauga, Ontario.
  • Fort York Food Bank- Map of their service area, hunger facts, and how to help. Toronto, Ontario.
  • The Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society- Calendar of events, information about programs, and how to help. British Columbia.
  • Kelowna Community Food Bank- Dedicated to helping local individuals and families who are in temporary financial difficulty and are in need of food. Statistics, description of their services, and how to help. British Columbia.
  • London Food Bank- News, events calendar, frequently asked questions, statistics, description of who faces hunger, information on opportunities to help, and links. Ontario.
  • The Metro Food Bank Society- Calendar of events, gift ideas, how to help, and information about programs. Nova Scotia.
  • North York Harvest Food Bank- News, program information, and how to help. Toronto, Ontario.
  • Ottawa Food Bank- Organization profile, program information, help information, frequently asked questions, and list of upcoming events. Ontario.
  • Regina Food Bank- Description of their services, group's history, and a list of partners and supporters. Saskatchewan.
  • Surrey Food Bank- Program information, calendar of events, and how to help. British Columbia.


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