Islets of Hope  Is diabetes a disability?  What civil rights laws protect diabetics?

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Written by Lahle Wolfe

Source:  Publication PA-04-2006; Revised 12/06; Published by Islets of Hope, Diabetes and civil rights law: "An overview of your legal right to equal access to programs, benefits, opportunity, accommodations, education, and employment"  Read full publication (.pdf)

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Is pre-diabetes or gestational diabetes a disability?

No.  Read why not.


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Diabetes and Civil Rights Laws
The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)
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Illegal drug use and the ADA

Illegal drug use or problems as a result of illegal drug use are not considered a disability.  However, a recovering individual who is actively participating in, or has completed drug rehabilitation and is no longer illegally using drugs, is protected under the ADA.

In most cases, an employer may not refuse to hire someone based on past drug use if they are otherwise qualified for the job and no longer using illegal substances.  An employer may, however, request a drug test as part of conditional or continued employment, as long as it is the employer’s policy and practice that extends to other employees.


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